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Ralph is Retiring

After 42 terrific years with Take 5 Audio, it is time for me to retire. I couldn’t have imagined a more pleasurable or fulfilling
career.. I am most fortunate to have worked in an industry that was my earliest interest, and my greatest passion. I will now spend
my time with Alice, my beautiful wife of 45 years, our children, and grandchildren – and my other non-musical hobbies. I look
forward to all of it.

I offer my gratitude and thanks to all of you, our loyal customers – now friends - most of whom have been with us since we
opened in 1977. That you have allowed me to care for my family through a job that I love is especially rewarding. I’ve learned a lot
about music, music systems, and people – all equally important to me.

Fortunately for all of us, Take 5 Audio will continue and expand as a business, in Middlebury CT. We are selling Take 5 Audio
to an audiophile with wide and varied business experience, Dr. Dean Yimoyines. Dean will incorporate Take 5 Audio into one of his
existing businesses, Middlebury Furniture & Home Design. He is building a new Take 5 Audio store within his 52,000 square foot
business located at 1101 Southford Road Middlebury CT 06762, and will continue our tradition of better music and video systems,
expertise, and customer service. Both of our long-time Sales and Installation Managers, Bob Carissimi and Mirek Frankiewicz, stay on
with Take 5 Audio to insure that you continue to receive practical, expert advice, and correct, efficient installation and service – as
they both have for the past 20+ years.

Our last day of operation here in New Haven will be Saturday December 14 th . The physical transition to Middlebury will take
place between the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays and the Grand Opening in January 2020 of the new store will be announced –
and I’ll see you there. In the interim, if you need anything please call our main number, 203-777-1750 or 203-528-0130 (Middlebury
Furniture & Home Design) or Bob Carissimi at rlc@take5audio.com 

Finally, my sincere thanks to all the people who made Take 5 Audio what it is, and couldn’t have become without:

My original two partners in Take 5 Audio back in 1977, Frank Gargano and Franklin Farrell. The fun and adventure
we had could not be easily described here, and I am grateful for their camaraderie. The same thanks for my more recent partner,
Bill Cecchini. Billy joined me in ’98 to move Take 5 Audio into the 21 st Century, when we successfully navigated the ’08 Recession –
no small feat in this business.

Also, our good friends and investors, who in 1977 helped us move from a 600sq ft space to this spacious 3600 sq ft location
– to expand and thrive: Paul Vecellio, Tom Sprague , Rich & Carol Bernardo, and Alene Whittemore. Your belief, friendship, and
assistance were both timely and invaluable.

And of course, every one of our essential staff who gave us their best – and they were some of the very best in
our industry. Our first and most memorable hires, Eric Borgstrom, followed closely by Mark Nimrod – both very funny and clever
boys who went on to open their own successful custom integration business. The Incomparable Warren Francis, a man of true
culture and knowledge, and extraordinary humor. Of course, the lovely Pam Durfey, one of the very few professional women in our
field, as knowledgeable and successful as anyone here, at any time. Then Dean Smith, a combination of knowledge and humor I had
not seen before (and still miss). Al Barranco, a pro who was always ready with the right answer and witty reply. Among others,
Karen Johnson our fearless and longest bookkeeper, who kept us on the straight and narrow, took no guff, and had a smile to light
the room. Dan Echevarria, another more recent bookkeeper who was a character from day one, and who somehow managed to
never make a mistake. Rick Scarpetti of Advanced Systems Engineering – engineer extraordinaire and programming guru – always
there with a solution, and a yes to every request. Nick Ciarlo, who has the incredible practice of never saying no, and Gary Baron, a
real professional who had a laugh that couldn’t be beat. Eric Treu, our web tech, and one of my earliest customers, and Mark
Wasserman, computer whiz and all round Mr. Wizard.

Our current Sales Manager Bob Carissimi, who gave me as much and more than I could handle in wry humor and
professional performance for the past 23 years. Mirek Frankiewizc, an invaluable Installation Manager for the past 21 years,
a man of few words, a man of many talents, and who always finished the job correctly, no matter what. And our current accounting 
Renae Rummo, an efficient accounting machine, who I trust and value very highly.

Thank you boys and girls – you made it fun, worthwhile, and most of all, memorable. I won’t forget.

Ralph Cortigiano
Co-Founder, President, Audio Group Inc., /dba Take 5 Audio

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Stereo Systems, Home Theaters, Home Automation

Now in our 40th year of continuous operation, we  learned the power of value long ago: that the most wonderful entertainment systems do not have to be the most expensive. That remains our fundamental approach to creating the ideal system for your room or home. You will never experience the poor value of over-buying or under-buying at Take 5 Audio. A comprehensive selection of the greatest brands in every category is not enough – expertise in matching components and honest advice toward your personal needs remain key elements in our recommendation process. And we compliment that with as much educations and guidance as you may require in making a practical decision.

When you want to do it right the first time, Take 5 Audio will provide an appropriate solution – not the blank stare of a big-box store sales clerk. And we do it with no sales commission, no hurry, and no pressure in a wonderful store that avoids confusion and encourages a leisurely pace. But there is one more critical factor we have provided for the past four decades – expert installation. Our CEDIA-Certified installers find the best way to integrate your system into your home – carefully, cleanly, and correctly – with the simplest ease of use allowed. There is no substitute for this, and the “lowest price” approach will never achieve this important result.

Honest advice, best selection, expert installation, fair pricing, and complete customer service – our recipe for your happiness and satisfaction. Great for the price of good. It’s what makes Take 5 Audio different. See why for yourself.

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