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Take 5 Audio Product Selection: Known By the Companies We Keep

We continually research, evaluate, and recommend products from manufacturers who follow two critical guidelines: consistently make among the best performing and/or high value models, and support them with complete parts & labor service for the long-term. And we accomplish this among a broad range of prices, not just the very best or the most expensive.

Commodity buyers will rarely understand they pay twice as much in the end when they have to literally throw away their previous model for a replacement – and end up with exactly the same low quality level and short-term situation they started with.

Our customers consistently save money in the long run with our product selections – and enjoy better performance and ease of use the entire time. We use the definition of “value” as the core guideline in all of our selection: “what you get for what you pay”. It’s fun to read about them, but come visit us for the true excitement these products deliver.



The foundation product in your music system or home theater – and the most personal choice you will make in either system. The combination of performance parameters that have to be met in most instances is often demanding –tonality, clarity, detail, size, finish, aesthetic, budget, and more – so a comprehensive line of speakers models is necessary to provide customers with exactly what they need. Whether they are dynamic towers, mini-monitors, bookshelf, planars, in-wall/in-ceiling, outdoor, architectural, or any other speakerl type, we can provide the correct match to whatever your goal may be.

We carry Speakers from:
Bluesound Wireless, Dynaudio, JL Audio, Leon, Linn, Martin-Logan, Magnepan, Niles, Paradigm, PSB, REL, Revel, Sonance, Sonos Wireless, Totem, Triad, Wilson

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  • Niles
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  • Paradigm
  • REL
  • Revel
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 Audio and Video Electronics

The next most critical component in the system takes on different degrees of need in a music system, a home theater, or a combination music & film system. Not quite as subjective as speakers, we can be more objective in our recommendation process. Considerations of power output, inputs, processing, digital capabilities, vacuum tubes, or solid state designs are some of the criteria that require conscious matching to the speakers for the desired result.

We carry High Performance Audio Components from:

Arcam  Audio Research  Ayre Acoustics  Benz  ClearAudio  McIntosh  Music Hall  Magnum Dynalab  Mark Levinson  NAD  Parasound  Peachtree  Plinius  Prima Luna  Pro-Ject  Sumiko 

We carry Audio and Video Components from:

Anthem  Arcam  Ayre  Denon  Lexicon  McIntosh NAD  Parasound  Pioneer Elite

HD Television, Projectors, Screens

JVC Panasonic Pioneer Elite Runco Samsung Sharp Sony - Da-Lite Digital Projection Draper Stewart

Streaming and Computer Audio

AudioQuest  Audio Research  Ayre Acoustics  McIntosh  Music Hall  NAD  Peachtree  Sonos  Sumiko  Wadia 

Home Automation and Control, Home Networks

APC Atlona Crestron Furman Geffen Niles Nuvo Pakedge RTI Svant

A/V Furniture

Acoustic Innovations, Auton, Billy Bags, Draper, Draper, Fortress, Grand Prix Audio, Inca, Media Decor, Middle Atlantic,  Salamander Design, Sanus, Solid Steel

We carry Cables, Headphones, and Accessories from:

Audioquest, Auralex, Chief Mfg, Clearaudio, Furman, Grado, Magnum Dynalab, Music Hall, Niles, Omnimount, Panamax, Pro-Ject, PSB, Sanus, Sennheiser, Suniko, Transparent, Tributaries

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