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Working with us: Trust

Like any business that provides complex technologies, we understand the incredible degree of confusion that is generated. The expanding number of brands, models, and technology acronyms (DAC, HDMI, etc) appear inexhaustible and overwhelming. You can ask your family, friends, or acquaintances; you can read the literature, the advertising, the articles, the on-line forums – and you will find those who know a lot about a little. We are aware that you seek someone you feel you can trust, and Take 5 Audio provides that outlet for you.

The staff of Take 5 Audio are non-commissioned professionals who know a lot about everything having to do with music systems, home theater, and home automation. We provides the right answers for your questions by listening to you first – your needs, your lifestyle, your budget – before we recommend practical and ideal solutions.

Then we present an unequalled product selection for every budget. It may be an affordable music system for your Den, speakers in the yard or by the pool, or an elegant home theater room, a high-end vacuum tube music system, or just getting your computer music to work well with your existing music system – we offer only the best products at all price levels.

Our commitment to service is no less important in earning your trust. From a free in-home consultation, to expert installation, to in-home service, to an after hours number to reach the owner in an emergency, Take 5 Audio provides the assurance that every customer seeks.

This is what keeps our advertising to a minimum – keeping our customer happy generates referrals to their friends and family.


Take 5 Audio encourages interactive dialogue with our customers to insure we meet all needs and expectations. As well, we work your architect, designer, builder, general contractor, and every other subcontractor who impacts our work – from cabinet-makers to house a stealth home theater system to electricians to wire your TV above the fireplace. Take 5 Audio will work with yours or provide these professionals for your project. No matter who or what you choose, we will design, plan, engineer, and manage each project to completion, and to the satisfaction of all those involved. Our experience working with the trades will afford your project the least amount of time and expense in accomplishing your goals.

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