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Take 5 Audio started by evaluating and presenting state-of-the-art stereo components and systems in a relaxed, home-like atmosphere. We continue to constantly monitor, assess, and appraise new and adaptive technologies to provide our customers with the best, easiest, and most practical ways to entertain themselves in their homes. And the same is true for the products that result from these technologies. The complex transition from analog to digital is ongoing, and we have assumed the responsibility of knowing the what, why, and how of these expanding home entertainment technologies on behalf of our customers. In this way, we can assure our customers that they don’t have to know much, or be fooled by the spin doctors in our industry. For instance, we can simply explain in one minute the difference between LCD and Plasma TV’s, then why which may be best suited for your own situation.

As importantly, we follow trends in our industry. Some we identify as long-term, others as a short-term attempt by large manufacturers to sell as much equipment as possible, as often as possible. In the recent controversy of High-Definition DVD - HD-DVD versus Blu-Ray - we advised our customers to wait, anticipating the definitive success of the Blu-Ray format. Those who went out and bought HD-DVD because it was the most highly advertised ended up having to scrap it and re-buy a Blu-Ray – now the industry’s only standard. There are certainly more examples, but you get the idea. Being the first, or the biggest mane, or the most heavily promoted has not insured longevity. And it’s in the longevity that we find the greatest value. The current trend in cloud-based music is as complex as any, and we are careful to advise our customers on the handful of correct choices among the many.

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