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Our mission has always been to be the premier provider of home entertainment in Connecticut and Southern New England. Take 5 Audio opened in 1977 with the clear goal of providing the best sounding stereo systems. This was the heyday of hifi and we were all hooked. We did it because it mattered – not to get rich. Our passion for music equaled our passion for equipment to play it on. And we chose the name Take 5 after the Paul Desmond/Dave Brubeck Quartet tune that was a paradigm shift in jazz music – the first song with a 5/4 time signature. It was pioneering and provided a new level in music.

Likewise, our product selection was leading edge, and our no-commission, no-pressure sales approach delivered a new level of customer service. We chose the “customer-based” business model: all of our product and service decisions are based on what is best for our customers, which is ultimately what is best for us as a company, and our longevity has proven that. Most stores that chose the “lowest price” model are long gone, and the remaining ones continue to struggle. We encourage our customers to do it right the first time, which insures the greatest value, and in the end the lowest cost by not repeating incorrect or impractical purchases. Sometimes we have to advise customers to wait a little longer, save a little more, and then make the right purchase. How many times have you ever heard that from a salesman? We continue to strive to earn your trust in every way possible.

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